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Atoms + Auras Branding Session | Content Library Series I | Allie Miller Commercial | Orlando, FL

Robert and Mackenzie always had an entrepreneurial spirit, desire to help others and do good in the world. Ever since their younger years they have strived to do what is right and be a positive influence to others around them.

With the help of each other and the many great people already involved in this project, there is opportunity to do something really special for the collective community.

Atoms & Auras serves as a catalyst for making a difference in the world by inspiring others of all walks of life to be more mindful of their body, mind, and environment.

We had the opportunity to work with Robby and Mackenzie for the branding and content catalog. Their social media produces daily content and they knew they needed to have that high quality approach to their brand for wellness as well as the connection woth the world as a whole - as a couple as well as individuals.

We spent the day creating the kind of content that is relatable and can be shared with purpose to connect with their target audience.

Below is our quick released images while the catalog goes under production.




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