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Client: Basnight Garner Real Estate Group |NC| Branding | Seasonal | Allie Miller Commercial

Basnight Garner Real Estate Group believes in the many principles I do as a business owner:

"the key to a smooth and pleasurable transactions is to effectively communicate with you in every detail of the transaction from the first phone call all the way to the close."

They use their experience and foresight to proactively address details before they become problematic. Their team delivers extraordinary customer service through market knowledge, detailed systems and hands on compassion for ALL real estate needs.

With that in mind we wanted to create images that show what our area is all about -  with a touch of professional yet carefree feel. This is an extraordinary group of people with a great purpose in mind - So glad to have been able to work with Basnight Garner a few days before hurricane Florence hit our gorgeous area in the Eastern Coast in NC.

We are happy everyone is safe and I know that we are all ready to be back at work, and rebuild our community.



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