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Client: Formal + Bridal Boutique| Branding + Visual Content Library | Allie Miller Commercial

We had

the great opportunity to work with the ladies from Downtown Formal & Bridal they are a unique boutique that specializes in Bridal and Formal Wear in the Morehead City, NC area.

They also, offer all accessories needed to complete that look to make you look and feel beautiful for any occasion.  They carry lovely Gowns for Military Balls as well as high end dresses for event and any other  formal occasion.

For this team, every customer is unique. That’s why they  have a variety of gowns to fit every needs.

The DFB team, love what they do and making women feel beautiful is their gift. From the moment you request an appointment or walk into our store you can expect great service because they genuinely care about their client's wants and needs.

Shoot Day! We love small local businesses, and it is not surprise that we support women running businesses, it was so hard not to accommodate the challenges their schedule and our schedule presented once we spoke with Amanda Whitehead [ owner of the boutique ]

Upon our phone consultation, Amanda and I sparked up a great conversation and she just loved our style when it came to doing these 20+ dresses for their content library.  She was seeking a more relatable and approachable direction for the images, although her product sources offer magnificent in-studio stock photography for all the dresses and accessories offer in their inventory.

I personally loved the fact that she will be offering such amazing solutions to the formal and bridal markert in the area. I knew that we had to be part of it. We made it ALL possible. These images will be utilized for social media, brochures, marketing efforts and website branding - With her project, we incorporated headshots for Amanda, Dani + Anders [Andi] as well as structure shots for the storefront.

Their boutique will focus on selling bridal gowns, prom and ball dresses as we;; as Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses along with bridesmaids dresses and all the jewelry, purses, veils, furs and other high end accessories to complete the perfect look for that special occasion.

Our Behind The Scenes Process:  Our Friday afternoon consisted of 10 models / 20+ dresses with accessories / Two HMUA s / One Set Stylist. Amanda offered such a great atmosphere for our work space - Great energy and vibes, food and smiles.

Since our client and her team were pressed to have these photographed rapidly because there were some schedules to accommodate and in order to make it happen we started a bit earlier than proposed and all under 3 hours all was done.  We used natural light - We utilized the area near the shop for better access to the wardrobe as well.

A project like this, usually implements one to two days to carry to completion only on the production side, and with our studio volume, post processing took a few days in between jobs, travel and other prior work.

We have delivered all the images promised,and  while they were at Market in Atlanta purchasing and exploring the new trends, they were able to receive their images and start their own schedule of posts and marketing directives. We have no doubts that this boutique will stand tall and will offer not only great customer service but extraordinary choices in product for the target market.

Hair and Makeup by - Hunter Sanders [ Morehead City, NC ] Allure Hair Salon

Styling +  Set Assistant - Taylor Hackett



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