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Client: Hurd Construction | Jacksonville, Orlando, Savannah | Allie Miller Commercial

It is so fascinating to get to work with our clients as they all present with diverse needs for their visual content.

In this project Brandon Hurd, the owner needed more uniform and updated headshots for his company.

Also, he wanted the options for a natural, relaxed headshots as well as a set with tie and no tie scenario in a studio environment for his press releases and other marketing needs.

They do have a very busy schedule at Hurd in the Jacksonville office, when we planned the session, it was necessary we appeared at their office and we were able to do just that - We set up at studio right in their conference room and it made it so easy and with zero disturbances to the workflow in their office.

It took approx. 2 hours with set up and shots... and images have been delivered.  Our goal is to offer solutions, right at our client's convenience.

About our client:

Hurd Construction Management, a BHRS Company, is a leading provider of construction management, building and contracting services for building owners and managers, businesses, investors and organizations alike serving industrial, commercial, institutional and education markets throughout Florida and Georgia.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL Hurd Construction Management employees have an on the ground presence through a network of three branch locations also including Orlando, FL and Savannah, GA.

Possessing a thorough understanding of private and public construction projects of all sizes allows Hurd Construction Management to develop a tailored turnkey building solution focused on each project’s unique challenges. Collaboration and results fuel Hurd Construction Management project teams to achieve excellence from project concept through completion.

As a reputable and knowledgeable leader in both construction management and contracting services, past experiences provide you with thorough risk, safety, process and value-minded solutions focused on your objectives. {obtained from client's website}



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