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Client: Krystal B | Pro Event Planner | North Carolina | Branding Headshots |Allie Miller Commercial

No doubts we always enjoy creating for this lovely lady - I have known this extraordinary soul for over 7 years!

She needed ONE headshot and then it all became content shoot, Krystal is not a person to be in front of the camera, but, I am glad we went in this direction -

My idea was to show some in-the-moments in a random day, but stylized! Personal branding is very important and we are so glad to be trusted with a concept. We visited our friend's bake shop and we ended up taking so very creative shots there as well.

And we headed to Swansboro for a few environmental images.

We called it a day! It was productively assertive!  I know she will be able to use many of these images in many ways in the future.



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