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Client: The Board Grazer | Culinary Visual Content | Allie Miller Commercial | Branding

What is a grazing board?

A Summer Grazing Board Is the Ultimate Snacking Experience. ... Our answer to summer entertaining: a grazing board. Forget individual appetizers and assemble an interactive board that brings together the best of crudités, cheese and charcuterie boards — it's a snack lover's dream.

This blog will excerpt exactly from our client's ABOUT in her website ( )

“ I’m thrilled to introduce the Aussie sensation of “grazing” to northeast Florida!

Gathering people together around food has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  After moving from Australia to Jacksonville, Florida, I decided to combine my marketing background with my love of food and entertaining and created “The Board Grazer’’.

I look forward to feeding you! “

And does she make the best #edibleart around!!!!

Enjoy these images we captured while she had one of her many workshops (her website has information to attend to one) we highly recommend you sign up, a guaranteed good time for sure!!! Girls night out??? This is IT!

Best yet, you go home with your own board and the delicious items on it!  What a great way to have a date or a night out, right?



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