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Client: Constance Hall | Writer and Author | Allie Miller Commercial | Press Kit Photography

When we work in projects involving presentation materials and press kits for other artists, we cannot help to be excited and get a little giddy... Because our clients are utterly amazing!

Meet North Carolina author Constance W. Hall.

About the Author - Constance was born on a military base in eastern North Carolina and has been a registered nurse for thirty years.

She is also a family nurse practitioner and sees patients on a regular basis. She credits her intimate contact with people who share what really matters to them, during the times when life seems to matter most, for her deep understanding, insight, and empathy. Constance lives on the coast of eastern North Carolina with her husband of twenty-two years, Bill, and together they have five sons.

In her book "Valedictorian" - Constance W. Hall attempts to answer some of life's most esoteric questions: Why am I here? What is my purpose? Am I a failure? As humans, we all eventually seek these answers. She based the main character, Wilbur, largely on her father, as he posed these questions to her beginning at the young age of six years old. Constance watched her father grow old and wrestle with these questions her whole life. With this book, her second completed novel, she found the words and insight to fully respond. [Excerpt from where you can get her book]

Today, we worked in our studio along with Master stylist Lee Gillikin to bring Ms. Hall's vision to life, as she prepares to go on the road to promote her incredible book.

Her press kit was a delight, to shoot. Ms. Hall is one of the most upbeat people and has tremendous energy and passion.

Lee and I, as a team, work on these projects which we consult and prepare in order to deliver the wanted visual materials for marketing efforts, as our clients get ready to publicize and promote their work nationwide.

We cannot wait for future projects to start, and so we wanted to share this incredible day with you.


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