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Client: James B. | Exec. + CEO Coach | Advisory Board | Investor | Ponte Vedra, Florida

These past few weeks we have had the great opportunity to work with some new clients in the Jacksonville, Florida area. For this headshot/branding project we were trusted to produce powerful, yet relatable images that would portray our client for his marketing collateral vision. We truly realize that our clients are the most driven entrepreneurs and we enjoy working with individuals who are making a real difference every day -

Meet James, he is a not only highly motivated, but a true executive with the most significant leadership experience whose resume includes but is not limited to being an Executive Coach, CEO Coach, CEO and Transaction Adviser as well.

Our client has served as CEO/Chairman of 3 high-growth companies, and has advised Executives/CEOs of over 20 companies on raising capital (equity + debt), while vividly identifying strategic and financial buyers, building management teams, improving sales + marketing strategies. James is the one professional with his  extraordinary skills, aids in establishing best practices to address a range of operational challenges for all of his clients.



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