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Collaboration by CÔTE Boutique + MHC Salon | Fashion Forward | Allie Miller Commercial

Collaborating is one of the most beautiful things about our job, we love our local businesses and we know for a fact that we have to have this brotherhood mentality in order to soar - On Friday, Lee [oddly ]had some time to spare before the day was over and so the concept came up and we got to work.  Morehair Salon, too care of all the hair and makeup needs and Côte Boutique collaborated with three beautiful outfits, seemed so perfect -

A gorgeous coastal afternoon, right on Big Rock opening weekend, the waterfront was pumped and we had such a great time - Let us tell you about Côte Boutique and how their story starts:  in the faraway land of Charlotte, NC, the banking capital of the East Coast. Andie was a tax and audit intern striving to make her way up the corporate ladder with a dream of owning a business. Abby was an executive assistant with an entrepreneurial spirit and a dream of finding a sustainable way to move back to the east coast she loved so much.

Enter Morehead City, NC. Abby had spent 4 earlier years working in this small beach town and wanted so much to move back. After a few girls’ weekends at the beach, Andie also fell in love with the town as well as for a local boy and his golden retriever, Khaki.

So they took a leap. With not even an inkling of a job prospect, they quit their 9-5 corporate jobs and moved to the beach. A dream come true.

Please follow and take a look at their website -  and remember - Morehair salon is ready to take appointments for hair and make up as well.

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