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D. Osvold | Writer | Wellness Author | Sacred Messages from the Guardians of the Earth | amazon

"Ever since she was a little girl, channel and artist Diane Osvold was connected to the Spiritual Realms.

As an adult, she has studied Angels, past lives, several healing modalities, Goddess Mysteries, oracle cards, mediumship, and has honed her psychic abilities.

Along the way, Diane learned that she could connect to spirits and bring messages through for others. The more her abilities opened up, the more she began to believe beyond a doubt that the Soul is truly eternal, we are surrounded by our spirit helpers, and that they want us to live our best lives.

This beautiful collection of channeled messages and sacred art will inspire and delight as you. Choose to use this book as an oracle, flipping to a random page to receive a divinely guided message, or read it from cover to cover.

However it calls to you, allow yourself to receive the wisdom and magic in this book—and watch how your life begins to transform while your spiritual world opens up to the infinite potential that is available to you right now." [ Excerpt from ]

It was great to shoot these for her upcoming tour.

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