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You may ask: "what does a headshot have to do with my business, if I am not selling ME?"

Truth is that, how many times has someone pointed a camera at you and said 'look at the camera' or “smile”! Or even worse – just pointed the camera at you? And that deer on the headlights look is portrayed?

Well, there is no wonder that one may develop a dislike of the camera! And if the results are disappointing, or just not as good as they could be, it becomes really worse and we really start to avoid the camera. There is such thing a 'psychology of a headshot' - No lie!

Here is where the Commercial Professional Photographer comes in play...

You've got it: Yes!!!! Think of the lighting, this has to be right and the background has to be appropriate for the use of that ONE image which will go on all your social platforms, including your ABOUT in your website, why??? Because connection with your client is priority! We are human and we have the need to connect with other, it is basic and yet so complex!

In many industries, it is a good idea to have a professional headshot so that you can portray a good image to the people that you will be connecting with. A good headshot might be the difference to help you land a job or an acting/modeling gig, and you need to make sure that your headshot sends the right message.

The most important clothing item is the shirt or blouse that you are wearing, because it will be easily seen in the photo. You should consider bringing multiple shirts to choose from, and your photographer can help you to select the right style and color for your photos.

Many photographers will allow you to change your clothes throughout the shoot so that you have several styles to choose from in your photos.

With any headshot photo shoot, you want to make sure that the clothes are clean and wrinkle free before you begin. Also, pay attention to the way your clothing fits, because the wrong fit can look funny in the photo. One of the most common fitting problems happens when people wear clothing that is too small.

So, if you have an older outfit that you love, you might need to choose different clothing if you have recently gained weight. Avoid wrinkled or bulky clothing, because it can look unprofessional in the photo. When you are wearing overly bulky sweaters or clothing, they can look rumpled and make you look fatter than you are in reality.

You may be tempted to choose a chic, trendy outfit, but try to stay away from funky or styles that can become quickly outdated. It is better to choose classic clothes instead of a modern trend, because the classic styles are usually more appropriate for most professions.

Also, be sure to choose professional headshot photographer who has experience in your particular industry.

If you are putting together a modeling portfolio, then you will be better off working with a photographer who is familiar with the modeling industry, instead of selecting someone who typically does corporate headshots.

By choosing the photographer and bringing the right clothing to the photo session, you will be able to create a portfolio of photos that can be used in many different situations.

Having a good headshot is an important tool to help you advance your career and land the jobs that you want as well as portraying the image for your brand and business.

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