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Michelle Orwick | Orlando Florida | Odyssey Institute of Healing Arts | Content Branding Portraits

Her Bio on her website

"Twenty years a spiritual seeker, I have been a teacher and student for the last decade. My goal is to help people find joy in their lives, enabling the release of fear, worry, stress, and/or negativity. With that endeavor, I became a Reiki Master in 2010, and started absorbing all forms of magical and metaphysical learning, delving into the study of world religion, and how the brain is wired. From there, I discovered Theta-Healing, becoming an instructor in 2011, and earning the highest accommodation in the field with the Certificate of Science / Instructor in 2012. Acknowledging how it could change the neuro-pathways of our minds, enabling a new process and ability for someone to find their own way back to wholeness, I have in that time certified over 200 students and have offered over a thousand one on one healing sessions with my clients.

I have dedicated my life to guiding people on their spiritual journeys, helping them to create the life they desire, filled with joy and purpose. I specialize in helping clients to understand their truths, heal emotional shock & trauma from life events, and illuminate their path for future growth. My desire to serve and assist those who are on such a healing journey brought to birth a healing and educational center in Orlando, the Odyssey Institute of Healing Arts, a physical and online platform for education and guidance to those seeking awakening. My path forward will lead those I serve on a path of manifestation delivered through meditation, teaching and guiding people to work within the law of attraction to create the change of perception and mindset, that alters reality to enable the desired life of purpose and meaning."

Here are some content and branding portraits -



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