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Product Photography and Visual Content | Allie Miller Commercial

Product Photography, just as important as your headshots! Indeed, there is no denial that a photograph can speak thousand words, in today's world and social media platforms all is visual and good images are certainly valuable.

Coming from a big metropolitan area such as Miami, I know that the choices in finding a good photographer whose experience is product photography, are really great...

But, if you are in a region that is based in other areas, and your business is growing and you may find a traditional local-photo studios that they are not dedicated to just commercial product and they will offer the service, because they will simply photograph it. This creates another hurdle in your vision, because it will be hard to find someone that has the dedication and experience. Usually they may charge a studio rate basis, or often at several hundred dollars per hour, which places professional product photography just out of reach for many businesses that may be starting or which budget isn't that high for these marketing projects. Well, the bottom line is that choices could also be limited and then you are stuck with less than stellar photography, because you may have to settle.

Some local photographers often have little experience with product photography, in some areas that they are mostly focused in such as portraits.

Although we have divisions taking care of weddings and portraiture, we offer an ideal solution aside from coming to you, to evaluate and discuss your vision and marketing goals and that is the fact that you can mail order your product and the photography service will be provided for your product in mind.

It may sound unconventional and whether people would be willing to send products to someone they had never met in person. I can guarantee that we will meet somehow before getting your project on the road, whether in person or via SKYPE, Google Meeting or FaceTime - Now-a-days technology allows us to create solutions!

I am here to create solutions for our locals as well as for out-of-area businesses.

All you have to do is call, or email me... Al questions and scenarios are welcome.



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