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Rapid Fire Blog Photography "Using your phone to grab images for your quick blogging" | Allie miller

Although smart devices have some amazing capabilities, they have some drawbacks memory runs low, battery charge dies quickly and the quality is just good enough for immediate posting - But, I know in my experience, they will not suffice for your professionally written/published blog.

My thought is that if your everyday involves capturing these images for your blog, it will be a great investment to acquire a Lower End DSLR - There is no need to have what we use in the studio, but an entry level camera will aid you in providing great images with good resolution and clarity as well as balance in tones. No need to be a PRO - Auto Mode works perfectly for these situations.

There are some great ones in the market, and remember I mentioned investment? Yes! Our audiences are extremely visual and WE all love pictures, don't we?

Taking Pictures For Your Blog

So, "How do I take pictures for my blog?" you may ask...

Truth be told, there is one thing to keep in mind - Are you relaying these messages visually?

It is important to keep in mind who your audience is, the topic of interest, availability and attainability - Why? because you need to engage your readers... Not only with your interesting topics but also with great images.

Images, do not have to be studio perfect - Trust me -

A Few Tips For Smartphone Photography:

Composition is very important - The most important - Use your Rule Of Thirds

Make sure you have available natural light, near windows or doors is best for inside - Especially if you are capturing during the day/ At night avoid any amber lighting and activate your flash & keep a steady hand.

Use your angles - 45 degree angles are great, getting low, and a little closer to the items and subjects. Most times for individuals you will want to try shooting them from above - it is flattering.

Remember that Smart Phones do have ways to allow you to focus and obtain the best lights for exposure [iPhones are great in these matters] - While you aim at your subject, try tapping the screen with your finger on the darkest spot - That is if you want more light to come in to your shot. and vice versa. [TIP]

There are also great APPS that let you edit your images in your Smartphone - I personally just love Adobe Creative Suite - they make it available for mobile - Definitely, one of my favorites for on-the-go editing.

Instagram? There is actually a little incorporated editing module... Explore - You can sharpen images and bring them from out of the dark.

Twitter? For now they are only offering cropping and filters as well as the enhancing wand.

iPhone? Will let you edit images in your photo albums.

Remember, sometimes for social media's sake - Fast is best. But, for your professional blogs - Clear, crisp and balanced images are BEST!

Presentation is everything long term - Think of your marketing.

One last thing - Always backUP your images.

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