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Set Photography | Carteret Healthcare | Lewis Advertising | Commercial Photography | Allie Miller |

Last fall we had the privilege to work with The Lewis Agency  for their client Carteret Healthcare in efforts to show the magnificent power of relationships when it comes to taking care of patients - A little backstory: 

Carteret Health which has a new look in our community, with a refreshed brand and image that is being built in our community.

Three fundamental things have been considered for their branding:

1- The term General Hospital is an outdated and does not convey all the specialty services they offer.

2- The word Carteret summarizes an identity as a community and as a hospital more than any other word. 3- Their employees possess an extraordinary level of passion and care for the community.

From the aforementioned, leading to Carteret Healthcare crafting a new look, with a new image, and a new philosophy – All the perfect ingredients for a successful branding.

This particular job with Lewis Agency developed visuals to demonstrate of some of the services the organization offers, with utmost quality, serving the community with the mentality 'people first'

We had the opportunity to work alongside an extraordinary team of professionals which included Sunset-Lighting & Grip Rentals, Mark Brumback with Shoreline Productions and Tray - Cinematographer as well as Thomas with Lewis Agency - These were two amazing days, and below are some of the images obtained from our still photography work for the project, which will be used on all print materials used for the campaign.





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